Professional learning days and courses

  • Thank you so much for yesterday. We found it hugely useful. I loved the telescope idea - so many possibilities - I love the pairs of glasses idea again - so many uses. I think all teachers across the junior age range would have got something from that. But do you know what, I loved your passion and enthusiasm that comes across when talking about reading and writing. Normally in a 2.00-4.00pm slot on the first day back in January I would have been clock watching but time flew and that is sign of both a good presenter and good content. When can you come back?

    Headteacher of Junior School
  • Since working with Leah the way that we teach, plan and reflect has been transformed.  She has given us the support and confidence we need to grow our department, and take risks to challenge ourselves and our students.

    Secondary English subject leader who led her department from Special Measures to Good
  • I have been given lots of practical activities to try in class and share with others and have gained new knowledge about some of the trickier grammar terminology.
I am more confident now to ‘facilitate’ when teaching/questioning and I feel more able to reinforce the ‘ease’ in which grammatical knowledge can be applied to complex tasks through talk.

    Primary phase teacher
  • Inspired once again! Was great to see how quality texts can be used to introduce and apply grammatical concepts.

    Primary phase teacher
  • I just wanted to say thank you for all the support and advice you've given over the years. I've always felt secure under your guidance and have been grateful for your help in finding a pathway through the many (!) changes that have taken place. Your enthusiasm and clear vision are real strengths.

    Secondary English Subject leader
  • Thank you for lighting a fire under me and our school! Your passion and infectious enthusiasm for English was refreshing and much needed (especially after my first two terms on the SATs locomotive!)

    Year 6 Leader, Junior School
  • When you walk away from a session with Leah, you have as many questions in your head as you have ideas to try out the next day. She puts you in the position of the children having to puzzle through a task so that you are more able to stand in their shoes and see from their perspective. Her energy and authentic interest is infectious. You also feel like she has listened and learned from you as much as you have learned from her. That’s empowering and motivating. I keep thinking and developing long after the event itself.

    Primary phase English Subject Leader

Curriculum and assessment briefings

  • First-class briefing: sharp and focused, delivered with passion tempered by pragmatism. I like the format of receiving a concentration of contextualized information filtered through an expert who has saved me a lot of time by already thinking about the issues and possible solutions. The differentiation of the presentation into information, interpretation and advice was very clear and very helpful. Leah herself is personable and charming. The level of audience interaction was just right, e.g. the poetry exercise. We have come to be briefed by an expert, not get into groups to bemoan our lot! Very helpful INSET.

    Secondary Headteacher
  • The presentation was a great blend of fact and pithy opinion, which I loved – all delivered with your trademark enthusiasm. I thought you really struck the balance of warning about the perils without being alarming and I left feeling purposeful rather than just plain terrified.

    Secondary Headteacher
  • The presentation was very informative and has excited me about the prospect of focussing on teaching and learning and not on assessing the students’ every movement. Thank you for your infectious enthusiasm.

    Deputy Headteacher of Secondary School
  • As always, Leah's passion for education is inspirational.

    Headteacher of Secondary School

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